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New Zealand has an evangelical heritage we're proud of, and the earliest missionaries here brought a bicultural gospel vision which we want to foster today.
These things are at the core of the Latimer Fellowship.


  • Engaging with Ma Whea?
  • A Glaring Omission
    Rev. Chris Spark points out a missing voice in the Ma Whea? and Doctrine Commission reports.
  • We’re all the same?
    Grouping people together is necessary, but not all groupings are necessarily valid, suggests Rev. Dave Clancey.
  • Good Reason?
    ‘Reasonable’ acts are not necessarily good.  Rev. Max Scott shows us why.
  • A welcoming church? 
    Rev. Dr. Bryden Black questions whether welcome is the same as inclusion.
  • No Change?
    Changing practice will change our doctrine, whether we intend it to or not.  Rev. Zane Elliot explains why.
  • Our Place in the World?
    Rev. Dr Peter Carrell notices that more needs to be said about the global impact of certain decisions.

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What is the Latimer Fellowship?

The Latimer Fellowship is an Anglican fellowship that encourages and supports evangelical thought and comment among New Zealand Anglicans. We offer an evangelical Christian contribution to the discussion of contemporary issues.


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