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New Zealand has an evangelical heritage we're proud of, and the earliest missionaries here brought a bicultural gospel vision which we want to foster today.
These things are at the core of the Latimer Fellowship.

New on the Latimer Website

  • Double Standards? A Latimer paper prepared by Rev Chris Spark, on divorce and remarriage in light of discussion on same sex relationships in the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia [Corrigendum: p2.  Matthew 5:21 has been replaced with 5:31]
  • 2017 AGM ‘View from the Pew’ audio recording Rev Dave Clancey interviews four members of four different Anglican churches, regarding their opinions on the proposed changes to the Anglican Church.
  • 2017 AGM Devotions audio recording Rev Chris Spark speaks on ‘The one thing we must do’
  • Why the Reformation still matters a transcript of Mark Thompson’s William Orange Memorial Lecture from August 2017 is available to download

What is the Latimer Fellowship?

The Latimer Fellowship is an Anglican fellowship that encourages and supports evangelical thought and comment among New Zealand Anglicans. We offer an evangelical Christian contribution to the discussion of contemporary issues.

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