The Latimer Fellowship run events aimed at encouraging and equipping Evangelical Anglicans in New Zealand. These events include conferences, lunches, public lectures and retreats.


Latimer Fellowship AGM 2019

The Latimer AGM is coming up on Wednesday 20 November, 7:30pm at St Aidan’s Anglican Church, Bryndwr. Our guest speaker will be Rev. Ron Hay, a former Vicar of Sumner-Redcliffs Anglican Parish and author of the award-winning book ‘Finding the Forgotten God’ (copies will be available for purchase). The title of his address will be “Re-evangelising Aotearoa New Zealand”.


Nominations for the Latimer Executive and Vice-Presidents are open now. Please contact us if you would like a nomination form. Nominations close Monday 18 November.

Thank you to the very many who have paid their membership invoices, and a gentle reminder that while all are welcome to attend the AGM, only those who have paid their membership fees prior to the meeting are eligible to vote.

There is an amendment to the Fellowship’s Constitution proposed which will be put to the AGM for adoption. The President and Vice-Presidents have been consulted with about the proposed amendment, and the wording has been agreed to by the Executive. The essence of the proposed amendment reflects the new environment the Latimer Fellowship finds itself in, and seeks to ensure that evangelical Anglicans, whichever structure they are in, can both contribute to and be served by the Latimer Fellowship. You can read the proposed amendment here.

Wednesday 20 November at 7:30pm
St Aidan’s Anglican Church
(63 Brookside Terrace, Bryndwr, Christchurch)